Children are often not yet “coachable” and it’s often the parents who need the education, support and strategies to be able to support their child with ADHD. This support is identified as the most important variable in helping children with ADHD thrive.

As parents, decision making about your child’s/teen’s ADHD can be very hard. Teenagers with ADD/ADHD especially, present unique challenges.

Strategies that work for clients without ADHD/ADD, often do not work for ADDers. Important when choosing to work with a coach, is to make sure that the coach has specialised training in ADHD.

Often, a child’s ADHD diagnosis reminds parents of their own struggles. ADHD is a highly hereditary condition with a 40{670adb21d5ff548834af13bf1518fede475806aaef59c1720b57f72779bc0760} chance for one/both parents to have ADHD themselves, which of course fuels everything.

ADHD Coaching will better your understanding of your child’s and your own needs and process for

  • building a supportive framework
  • clarifying your own assumptions and the impact of adjusting your expectations
  • giving yourself the care you need
  • gaining knowledge, strength and confidence needed to create valuable and sustainable changes
  • becoming the supporting advocate for your child’s ADHD needs and related challenges
  • modelling good communication that develops healthy relationships to improve your child’s success

In a generally highly discouraging society, each of our children needs encouragement and strengthening through our communication – the earlier in their lives, the better. Through healthy communication, a parent can support their child to stand firm, to being and becoming accountable, confident, independent and fulfilled from childhood onward.

It is crucial for parents to learn and constantly practice to give themselves permission for radical self care. This makes greater calm and peace in your home easier and possible and help your family to build stronger relationships.

When you are not just surviving, you can bask again in the wonderful adventure of enjoying life with your children.