As Teens, you have to face many physical, physiological and psychological changes and challenges. Even more so if you have to deal with ADHD’s unique academic and behavioural difficulties and the often accompanying co-morbid conditions.

Often ADDers experience from an early age that they might as well have been born on another planet.

The natural maturation processes in several specific areas of the brain, takes 3-5 years longer in most ADHD brains.

The demands on the executive functions of the brain (e.g. focusing and sustaining  attention, organising, starting of tasks, managing emotions, using working memory for recalling and memorising, etc) increase with entering adolescence and adulthood, which may be the “cause for your ADHD to appear” (even for the first time).

It is difficult to discern between typical teen behavioural difficulties and behaviours due to ADHD symptoms.

A significant lack of adequate sleep can reduce anyone’s effective functioning. However, with ADHD in the mix, the impact of simple basic lifestyle choices, routines and habits regarding diet, sleep and exercise can be dramatic.

Trying to cope with untreated or inadequately treated executive function problems, social pressures, demands of schooling etc, multiply chronic frustration and the challenges to manage itleaving you physically and mentally vulnerable.

In this critical phase of your life, ADHD coaching can empower you

  • with self-awareness to understanding more of who you really are and who you really want to be
  • with an understanding of how your unique brain works and of what does and what does not work for you
  • to uncover and use your innate strengths and passions
  • to feel less like an alien among “normal” people
  • to know what you need to be at your best and how to ask for the support you need
  • to give momentum to your personal success
  • with coping strategies critically important for your well-being
  • with a sense of hope that you will survive this sometimes overwhelming time and its challenges
  • in opening the pathways for better communication and relationships
  • to create habits and make choices based on who you truly are
  • to turn your dreams and plans into action projects and processes in the future.

Strategies that work for clients without ADHD/ADD, often do not work for ADDers. Important when choosing to work with a coach, is to make sure that the coach has specialised training in ADHD.