Impulsivity is a hallmark trait of ADHD.

To be able to pause for a few seconds, means to take a fresh look at what’s actually happening right now and gathering all the information the moment presents.

This is quite a challenge for ADDers and might be a far stretch out of your comfort zone, but magic happens with mastering this single skill, opening up milliards of new opportunities and choices.

Not only will you become empowered to inhibit your action or thought until you have consciously chosen your response, you will also

  • come to know what IS real (versus what you THINK is real)
  • come to know who you really are
  • reconnect with the wisdom hidden in your body
  • gather most important information for making your best choices if you allow uncomfortable feelings to teach you what is true for you
  • be able to reflect who you really are through your actions
  • calm your mind and opening its creativity
  • learn to trust your choices
  • be able to know what you really need so that you can ask for it
  • be able to actively change the physical shape of your brain
  • be able to access your power to impact reality

It does take time, practice and patience to learn to pause and to witness your attention and manage it, but it is not hard, especially when you start reaping the rewarding experiences from it.

The starting point for learning to pause, is exactly where you are in any given moment.

Everything you need is right here with you in the moment.

All the intelligence of Life itself is available to you in this moment.

YOU are the Knowing, the Awareness, holding the space for what is happening in the present moment, Life itself. Do not settle for anything less.

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