How often do you find yourself in your head rather than in your body?

Do you regularly stop to take notice of all sorts of big and small signals that your body is sending you?

Symptoms like body aches/pains and chronic physical issues, sleep disturbances, exhaustion, anxiety, visceral fear, weight gain/loss, loneliness, depression, lack of creativity and motivation, may all be experienced due to the fact that you are not in alignment with your body’s innate wisdom.

Look closely as you pause for a moment and consider these questions:

Do you argue with the “suchness” of this moment?
Where in your life does a habitual, reactive “NO” play out?
How much of your energy is trapped by an inner resistance and mental labeling as you are unconsciously trying to control and manipulate situations?
How willing are you to let go of the story (which is only your interpretation) of this moment/situation?
If you’ll give up the need for trying to make sense of the “suchness” of this moment/situation, how might it serve you?
What will “full acceptance that you don’t know” bring into your life?

The above are penetrating questions regarding our ways of being in this world,

which greatly influence the quality of our daily experiences.

Deeply embedded in the unconscious, we are holding onto illusions and conditioning, believing that it will protect us from (perceived) harm. Conditioned to avoid pain and living within a culture that emphasise the cognitive and productivity, it’s easy to literally disconnect with your body’s natural, deep intelligence.

Your feelings and sensations are coming your way

as part of the full array of the human experience.

How total are you in what you do?

Are you continually leaning forward into a future moment, which is taking you away from this moment and all the intelligence available within yourself?

Be empowered: If you can detect this, you can also drop it
You can learn to be involved in experiences and activities, without the unconscious wants and the fears which keep you stuck and spinning around in your head. Catching these habits and thought forms inside yourself, opens the possibility for  deciding which serve you and which don’t. It demands from us to do the personal work – AND rewards us with the glorious benefits.

To what degree is your life dominated by reason?

The essence of WHO YOU ARE is Consciousness, but we tend to forget and become identified with the thinking about who we are.

Notice how you are trying to resign yourself to the story you have created

about yourself, another and about this moment/situation.

The mind is always trying to know and to find answers with its limited thinking.
Thinking is incapable of sensing the simple joy of Being.


Again, how total are you in what you do?
Your future moments depend on the quality of this moment; ultimately, your entire life’s journey consists of this moment as there is always only this moment.

Eckhart Tolle summarises it beautifully, defining success as nothing other than a successful present moment, where even the most simple action is infused with the quality of care and attention which comes with awareness. This quality requires your Presence.


Learning how to be fully present in your body –

 connecting to your body as a source of potent wisdom 

– is a truly healthy and creative response to the business and accelerated pace of our daily lives.


By transforming your relationship with your body in a holistic way, you’ll experience having access on an ongoing basis to

– more of your life force energy,
– being more focused and clear,
– being more balancedresilient and creative

The more you’ll honor living in your body, the more you’ll come to find that every aspect of your life become more collaborative and easierempowering you to create the kind of life you really want and bringing your best contributions into our world.


The Body Intelligence Mastery Kit  is filled with practical tools and amazing insights to help you

positively transform your relationship, connection and communication with your body.