Common ADHD difficulties

How does it serve you to resist the following difficulties commonly experienced with ADHD?

    • inability to focus on important but mundane or boring tasks
    • having emotional ups and downs
    • Indecision, poor processing and lack of clarity
    • having too many interests
    • frequent job changes and employment difficulties
    • hard to manage time and not to be chronically late
    • blurting things out even if not wanting to
    • interrupting others, excessive talking
    • keeping busy all the time with little to show for it
    • having trouble to relax, physical and mental restlessness, inner drivenness
    • difficulty following instructions, or remembering details
    • dreading paperwork
    • often feeling impatient, easily frustrated, bored
    • frequent misplacement of important items
    • get easily bored or distracted
    • inability to take action, having trouble to start and/or finish a project
    • forgetfulness, poor memory
    • chronic sense of feeling stressed/anxious, excessive worry
    • mental restlessness
    • having co-existing conditions, e.g. depression, bi-polar, dyslexia etc
    • immobilizing concentration of negative thoughts
    • poor performance under pressure
    • inconsistency
    • procrastination, delaying action
    • time insensitivity
    • immobilization
    • perfectionism
    • believe that something is amiss or broken within self
    • emotional hypersensitivity
    • feelings of overwhelm
    • addictions
    • sleep issues
    • disorganization, clutter
    • sense of not being able to rely on self
    • impulsivity
    • difficulty with personal boundaries
    • tendency to feel misunderstood
    • inability to modulate or manage emotions and reactions
    • physical hypersensitivity to the environment
    • low self awareness and self esteem, negative self talk
    • hard to get organized, to prioritize and to plan
    • difficulty with transitions/shifting attention between tasks
    • demonstrating inconsistent behaviour and work
    • seemingly unable to learn from past experiences
    • challenges with social interactions and relationships

Oftentimes we are in resistance to dealing with these difficulties, due to a lack of understanding the specifics around our unique brain wirings. Resistance only adds to a sense of overwhelm and chaos.

Getting all the education on ADHD that you possibly can and raising your awareness of your unique ADHD brand, will serve you tremendously to become your own best friend and able to advocate for your own needs.