As humans, we commonly live life in a very dysfunctional way as many of our choices are based on the feeling of having to get to a more important future moment. ADHD’s inner drive even intensifies this experience.

Living life from within an undercurrent of unease and discontent, we feel unsafe and uncomfortable in the present moment and have learned to distrust our experience of the moment.

The mind creates perceptions and interpretations in order to “fix” the experience and easily slips into the story about the experience instead of being fully in the experience.

What commonly follow then, are poor decisions based on “trying to” and “shoulds/have to’s/must’s/suppose to’s/not suppose to’s” etc.

Remember that your experience starts with what you’re paying attention to.

Informed and intelligent choices are based on our deeper values and the wisdom of our own hearts.

Are you aware of what you are paying attention to when you have to make an important decision?

Are you IN the experience OR in the STORY about the experience you have?

Are you clear about your intention or your big why for paying attention to any specific aspect regarding your decision?

How is what you’re paying attention to serving your intention?

ADHD is a challenge of self-regulation and key to managing ADHD symptoms, is the regulation of attention, emotions and motor movement. Impulsivity is a hallmark trait of ADHD.

To pause, is quite challenging for an ADDer, but magic happens with mastering this single skill, opening up milliards of new opportunities and choices.

Slowing down or being able to pause, means to be able to take a fresh look at what’s actually happening right now and gathering all the information the moment presents.

Learning to pause might be well out of your comfort zone, but when it becomes a natural part of your everyday life, the rewards are much more worth the effort.

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