Isn’t it time you get to know what you need most for dealing with the unique ADHD experiences of yourself and your loved ones?


Why would you risk the complications and cost of

not knowing what you don’t know”?


Managing ADHD symptoms every single day of your life is no joke and it’s rather an extremely demanding and exhausting journey.

(ADDers generally battle with the false believe that they should be able to do things all by themselves and do not ask for any help!)

But the truth is that you are NOT alone. We are on this human journey together and each of us deserves all the support and information we can get to make this journey our personal best.

Join in on the ADHDorablyTUNED™ journey and allow yourself to meet and learn with those whose experiences are similar to your own.

You do not need to wait any longer to shift your attention and energy onto uncovering the possibilities that are already available from inside Yourself – you can live YOUR BEST LIFE, NOW.

Anyone with ADHD can succeed.



The 12 week program,

offers you a 3-month journey of specialised ADHD related support.


On this journey, you will

  • discover invaluable information regarding the ADHD brain in general, and making sense of your own unique brain wiring
  • become able to counter negative perceptions and stigma about ADHD
  • find new hope while you learn and apply practical ADHD tips
  • connect with other people with likewise experiences who “get it”, helping you to feel less alone, frustrated and misunderstood
  • have an opportunity to address your individual needs
  • be inspired to take action as you learn with and from each other and share your unique powerful story
  • be empowered to experience personal success
  • get the know how needed to educate others – your loved ones/teachers/colleagues/general public, about your specific needs and ADHD in general
  • share in the benefits of individual ADHD coaching in a more affordable way via the group coaching offered.


Groups can be TAILOR-MADE according to your specific needs

(for example – group size, in-person/online, number of sessions, selected topics, etc)

You are most welcome to contact me in this regard.

TWO options are available for the12-week program:

OPTION A:     

12 weekly 90 minute midday sessions at 11h30 -13h00 (maximum 4 participants)


12 weekly 90 minute evening sessions at 19h30 – 21h00 ( maximum 4 participants)


  • Both options include ADHD education and group coaching.
  • You’ll need a reliable internet connection for easily accessible online participation via Skype/conference call, saving you precious time on traveling and costs. (Please contact me with your needs for in-person groups)
  • A group cycle consists of 12 sessions within a 3 month journey, with weekly themes, coaching and sharing. 
  • A member has the opportunity to prearrange for making up a missed session/the weekly theme, as calls may be recorded.
  • An individual 60 minutes pre-program session (not included in the group program) is highly recommended for each participant. This session serves to clarify your personal focus with the program and allows you to tap deeper into the benefits of the ADHD group coaching provided during the 12 weeks-program.

What might become possible for you when you grant yourself permission to benefit from this invaluable source of support?