How ready are you to let yourself be?

All of us – even more so being a person with the additional ADHD challenges – are quite familiar with feelings of guilt, shame, fear, uncertainty, frustration, resentment, anxiety and more.

All too often we normalize it by thinking, and even saying “that’s just the way my life is, this is just who I am”.

What we may not be aware of, is the fact that how we see and work with our feelings and thoughts, determine how we experience our being here.

Do you experience being a victim of circumstances and other people? Do you experience the freedom of being the creator of your life?Through unattended thoughts and their accompanying feelings, we impose inner barriers and blocks on ourselves, limiting our own experience of being naturally peaceful and joyful, as well as our immense creative capacity.

Adding more pressure, trying even harder to perform well according to other’s standards and accusations, lead to numerous other problems, including serious health decline due to stress.

Usually its aggravated by our own conditioned tendency towards perfectionism.

For the ADHD brain with its different wiring, this approach does not work at all and is also widely misinterpreted.

“The harder I try, the more it feels that I can’t”, “My brain shuts down”, are common ADHDer statements.

The less understanding a person has of his/her unique ADHD brain functioning and how it is impacting life for him/her, the more covering up in the form of excuses will appear for what is not understood about oneself.

But at the end, excuses only stifle our growth,

wellbeing and personal responsibility, becomingjust another way to keep ourselves stuck and confined in our self made prisons. Excuses only exacerbate those feelings of “not being good enough”, guilt, shame, fear, worthlessness, hopelessness, negativity, confusion – it encourages us to hold back even more from being who we truly are and can be.Presenting excuses equals blaming. It is giving away your power and freedom inherent to the acceptance of personal responsibility and making choices which serve you and others.

We ARE ABLE to replace excuses with awareness, understanding, knowledge and appreciation of how our ADHD brains work and how our own ADHD plays out. ADHD Coaching supports you to pause, to find and build on your unique strengths, to know and accept what is not working for you, to look for and find new workable solutions in each context – to move forward confidently, being authentically who you truly are.

Do you choose to pay attention to what you can’t do or to what you can do?

How will your life look like when your attention becomes available for working on bringing forth your innate beauty and magnificence?

Who’s permission do you need to free yourself from imposed confines and to be good to yourself?