People with ADHD may be described as frustrating, late, undependable, scatterbrained …but they are never boring!
Sadly, often their remarkable natural talents and strengths stay hidden inside.

When the ADDer’s energy is focused on uncovering, integrating and developing these, the perception of living with ADHD changes dramatically.

Some of the most amazing and surprising qualities that persons with ADHD have, is to

  • think out of the box
  • be resourceful
  • find possibilities
  • do things differently
  • be charming, loving and helpful
  • imagine
  • have a hunger for challenge and adventure
  • negotiate
  • be able to keep going and going
  • persevere toward their goals, despite many obstacles
  • hyper-focus on something to such an extent that all else ceases to exist
  • be in their element when they discover something new or experience something different
  • show their intelligence in areas such as – a willingness to take risks; a high tolerance for ambiguity; creative,quick and productive thinking; the ability to play with ideas
  • accomplish boring everyday tasks doing several of these “chores” at one time
  • figure things out and design creative solutions to challenges in some of the most ingenious of ways.
  • get things off their mind or even problem-solve by talking it through
  • leave every question answered with their sense of humour
  • seem highly, super-humanly sensory sensitive
  • tell stories masterfully
  • naturally live in the moment
  • see the world from another angle

ADHD individuals can present an amazingly colourful package of success. The essential element is INTEREST!!

Your ADHD is unique to you. There is not a one-size fits all solution to deal with ADHD. You have to find out what is WORKING for YOU.

Confidently take ownership of your life and become educated about your ADHD, your strengths and how you learn and process.

Step by step you will support your own success and be able to clearly articulate your needs!

  • Do you honour who you are at your best?
  • What do you see yourself doing differently in the future?

October is global ADHD Awareness month