What might become possible if whenever we make a choice (which is more or less every moment of our lives!), we pause for a moment to first ask ourselves these important questions:

Who do I choose to be in this moment/ situation?
Which choice/s am I making because of fear?
What would Love do?

Very often we simply react without thought – as a result of fear and pain based experiences from the past – in an automatic, subconscious way to try protecting ourselves from similar experiences.

How do you answer to this question: “Who are you?”
Are you identifying yourself to be your job/body/gender/race/nationality/family/title(s)/role(s)/opinion(s)?

Differences we see in each other, we have learned to interpret as us being separate from each other.

We conceptually interpret present moments, with minds that are usually stuck in the past and future.

To make conscious deliberate choices, we need to be aware and present in the moment/ the NOW, creating what we truly want for ourselves, others and our world, being who we truly are as authentic Self.

Which part/s of you do you resist to have?
What new possibilities could open up for you if you could simply change what u can, and then simply accept the rest?
You may find the following resource helpful:

The Self-Acceptance Project: Finding Our Sense of Fundamental Worthiness.  A FREE 12-week Video Event Series.

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