It seems so obvious… Clear and authentic communication is the cornerstone of shaping any relationship.

However, with so many demands on our time and energy, it is not difficult to disregard its importance.

Adding ADHD symptoms to the communication mix and meaningful connection with another becomes remarkably more challenging.

Be aware that ADHD does not only show up as impulsivity, inattention and hyperactivity. Concealed underneath the obvious, lies even more subtle complexities, one of it being emotional hypersensitivity.

Reminding yourself of the following principles and you’ll reward your relationship with the ADDer/s in your life with nurturing care:

  • Display respect for the others’ individuality
  • You do not experience the others’ experience even if you try your best
  • Reframe your perception of ADHD to being a different brain wiring
  • Become aware of your own thoughts
  • Connect with your body in the present moment
  • Keep conflicting issues depersonalised
  • Trust the other to have good intentions
  • Clarify expectations on both sides and keep it reasonable
  • Allow the gift of personal choice
  • Listen actively as you let the other share their own experience
  • Clear your mind from judgement and look for subconscious negative messages
  • Encourage the expression of feelings with “I” messages
  • Allow for negotiation
  • Focus on what is working well vs what is not working
  • Appreciate the other verbally
  • Cherish moments of connection as a once-off
  • Encourage the pursuit of each others’ interests
  • Look and listen beyond the obvious
  • Grant yourself and the other the gift of imperfection