ADDers tend to bite off more than we can chew in a day, intensifying feelings of overwhelming, deprivation, loneliness, low energy, sleep difficulties, burn out, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, stress, diminished brain function, etc.

The crazy driving force inside and handling of ADHD challenges, easily fill up an ADDer’s mind with the minutiae of daily life, impairing the ability to engage with the invaluable information offered by the present moment.

Already left with little space for self-awareness, calm and clarity to optimise their choices, ADDers are also inclined to pay more attention to other peoples’ priorities and needs than to their own.

Lacking self-care is often the underlying cause for many other experienced difficulties as these foundational choices build your body, mind and life.

The conscious and unconscious momentarily flow of thoughts, feelings, sensations and desires, sculpt our nervous systems like water carving through a hillside.

Reinforcement of your ability to pay attention to what you pay attention to, is the foundation of changing your brain – AND your life, for the better.

In our sensory overly stimulated culture, it can feel even more unrewarding, boring and frustrating to pause which increase impulsive reactions.