We tend to treat ourselves as how we were treated by our caregivers and as how they treated themselves.


The role of caregivers (parents, grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, au pairs, after-school carers and other caretakers who love and look after the child) is a most important variable in helping children with ADHD and other learning difficulties, thrive.

The complex needs of children with different brain wirings are frequently expressed through their behaviour. These needs are ever present, difficult to control and interfere with the ability to function successfully in given environments/situations.

Often perceived as to be experts in pushing buttons and testing boundaries, the adult caregivers need to teach these children behaviours and social skills which come naturally to other kids.

Lack of understanding the world that these young children and teens have to deal with, and because they don’t know what else to do, parents and other caregivers continue to do what’s not working for these children.

These spirited children experience the world differently and work very hard in just trying to hold it all together and showing up – it is the caregiver’s job to help their children to make the things that are hard for them, easier to deal with.

The young child is not yet “coachable” and it is his/her caregivers who need the education, skills, strategies and support to help their child or teen to find his/her own voice and learn how to use it in creating personal success pathways at home, at school and later in life.

For these more sensitive, intense, or impulsive children, a less stressed support structure aids a naturally better performance and success experience.

Informed preparation, ahead of time, saves everyone a lot of wasted energy and stress.

Join a 2 hour long, informative, interactive and fun-filled Caregivers Training event where I lead parents and other caregivers through valuable information and insights for keeping your wits together through an open mind in order to truly support your child/ren.

The knowledge, strength and confidence you’ll gain through these workshops put you as the caregiver well on your way in having the essential tools for building solid, connected relationships and creating valuable, sustainable changes essential for the daily effective management of the challenges which both you and your child, are facing.

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