How your ADHD plays out in your life, is dramatically determined by your lifestyle and the environments (inner and outer) in which you find or place yourself.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle and fast-paced, information over loaded, complex world is not ADHD’s – nor anyone’s, best friends. ADHD’s worst enemy is stress, which aggravates our ADHD symptoms and adds to our (oh so familiar!) feeling of being overwhelmed.

Even the smallest of adjustments to cut down stress (the perception of being unsafe in a way), contributes to support us in managing our lives and bringing forth our bests from within ourselves.

Good choices result from taking a little pause and think through our options. However, our real ADHD battle is to create that pause.

What do you need to be able to pause? Physically? Mentally?

If not now, when will be the best time to re-evaluate and decide what is really, really important to you?

What a relief to remember that nothing is too insignificant to bring about change!

For some solid advice with practical tips on how to take charge of your life, this is an excellent read….

Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD by Jennifer Koretsky

Using her own personal experiences and inspiring stories from her clients, the author explores ‘The Five Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD’ — from breaking the cycle of overwhelm to taking control of space and time.

This revolutionary book doesn’t just talk about the skills, it provides a roadmap to success.