How much attention do you pay to “the negative voices in the head”, which is continually reminding you of all your “inadequacies” and the impossibility of your desired outcome?

How much of your precious life energy gets drained by trying to deal with the painted dark picture/s in your mind?

How do these negative thoughts support you to enjoy fulfilling relationships and getting things done?

In what specific way does negative self talk better your life?

What you are not aware of, you cannot change.

What might become available to you if you decide to take the time and
(a) notice carefully what you are telling yourself, and
(b) be willing to look for evidence to disproof these negative statements and self talk?

What new thought(s)/belief(s), regarding who you are and what you are capable of, are you willing to find and work on in order to better serve yourself and those who are important to you?

How would it be for you to KNOW that YOU ARE ABLE to create what you dream of and enjoy what is really important to you?

Consciousness Coaching/ADHD Coaching can support you to excavate these knowings and evidence of that ability – from within yourself!

So, what will it take to let you choose to work on these?

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