13th January 2019 – Cape Town


Learning how to flip your internal power switch back on is a crucial self-care tool. We get caught in the rush to get everything done, and very quickly this race becomes our way of life. Yet, this path holds tremendous risks for our wellbeing, relationships and experience of daily life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way: we could become more skilled at achieving balance in our lives.

First, let’s consider some of the preconceptions we hold.
What have you learned to tell yourself about your daily experience?
Possibly some of these old chestnuts:
Feeling tired all the time is normal.
• Feeling calm and free will only happen sometime in future.
• Our worn-out feeling is a badge of honor.
Being ‘fine’ is good enough, when in fact we could be thriving.
• High achievement means we have to be perfectionists.
• Collapsing into bed at night, and passing out from exhaustion gives us enough rest and restoration.

Sound familiar? We all use these rationalizations as ways of making sense of our frenetic modern lives, but if we’re not careful, they become the script of our lives. What if we were to ‘flip the script’, and break out of these thought patterns? They certainly don’t serve us or those near to us.

But sometimes we get the wrong advice: today, even the self-care industry is filled with tools aimed at activating the sympathetic nervous system – your fight-or-flight response – without allowing sufficient replenishment for body and mind. These may end up adding to the anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and all sorts of health issues.

We need to give ourselves permission to take time out. Our bodies’ autonomic nervous system require balance. Taking healthy, restorative time for oneself will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (your rest and digest response) through non-doing.

And so, I invited you to an afternoon of slowing down and deep rest – experiencing the pathways into the mystery, beauty, wisdom, nurturance and openhearted presence of your true Being.

We will practice and enhance our PAUSE-ability skills through
• mindful movement,
• Yoga Nidra meditation (a yogic nap)
• self inquiry questions to discover how we ARE good enough to deserve radical self-care.

Having an awareness of how to restore and regain balance also gives you a fresh, mindful perspective on your self-care toolset for everyday life. Finding the switch for your internal power source will be a valuable, life-changing gift to yourself as you enter the Festive Season and New Year.


The art of shifting focus towards balance and restoration

January 13th, 2019


Cape Town
Wellness Connection, Hout Bay


Secure bookings with full payment one week prior to the retreat date



NOTE: No prior yoga experience is required.