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The ADHD Paradox

The unique wiring of the ADHD brain shows up in the paradox of ADHD, namely: Both weaknesses, as well as natural strengths and talents, are more intensely experienced. In areas and situations which hold high personal interest, the ADDer has no problem to focus, can...

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Fascinating Facts on ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (commonly referred to as ADD or ADHD) is not a deficit of attention issue – the real issue is self-regulation which includes attention, emotions, and motor movement as key factors. ADHD is a neurobiological medical condition...

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Conscious decision making and ADHD

As humans, we commonly live life in a very dysfunctional way as many of our choices are based on the feeling of having to get to a more important future moment. ADHD’s inner drive even intensifies this experience. Living life from within an undercurrent of unease and...

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Common ADHD difficulties

How does it serve you to resist the following difficulties commonly experienced with ADHD? inability to focus on important but mundane or boring tasks having emotional ups and downs Indecision, poor processing and lack of clarity having too many interests frequent job...

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Clients of ADHD Coaching -YOUNG ADULTS

Can you imagine waking up feeling a thrill for another day of study/work/personal fulfilment! Will it not be tremendous fun getting improved results and personal satisfaction? Knowing the specifics of what you’re good at and what you need to live your best life,...

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ADHD Coaching benefits for TEENS

As Teens you have to face many physical, physiological and psychological changes and challenges. Even more so if you have to deal with ADHD’s unique academic and behavioural difficulties and the often accompanying co-morbid conditions. Often ADDers experience from an...

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ADHD Coaching benefits for PARENTS

Children are often not yet “coachable” and it’s often the parents who need the education, support and strategies to be able to support their child with ADHD. This support is identified as the most important variable in helping children with ADHD thrive. As parents,...

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ADHD, impulsivity and pausing

Impulsivity is a hallmark trait of ADHD. To be able to pause for a few seconds, means to take a fresh look at what’s actually happening right now and gathering all the information the moment presents. This is quite a challenge for ADDers and might be a far stretch out...

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ADHD and the choice of paying attention

Evolution has geared our brains toward a negative bias while our hearts are yearning for love, joy and connection. Looking at your life with ADHD as an ongoing experiment, and not as a problem to eliminate, you’ll open yourself to be able to notice how you’ve utilised...

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Additional mixed emotions from an ADHD diagnosis

An ADHD diagnosis tend to throw many adults off balance as it carries with it a heavy bag of potentially additional mixed emotions to handle which commonly include anger, sadness and regret for past struggles and missed opportunities relief for being able to give...

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Personal boundaries as ADHD treatment

Healthy personal boundaries help you to gain access to your authentic self.   They support you with • clear limits for how you choose to allow other people to act in your presence • connection to your personal values • essential building blocks for fulfilling...

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Are you living in your head or in your body?

How often do you find yourself in your head rather than in your body? Do you regularly stop to take notice of all sorts of big and small signals that your body is sending you? Symptoms like body aches/pains and chronic physical issues, sleep disturbances, exhaustion,...

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Do your emotions keep your creativity at bay?

“Tell me what you want, and I’ll do my best to become it...Just don’t get mad at me.” Is this attitude hampering the flow of your creative ideas on the job? If it does, it means that it’s not the only area of your life affected by this people pleasing tendency and...

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