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Other Valuable Resources   You may also find useful, interesting or inspiring information from these resources   PROFESSIONAL ACCOCIATION for ADHD COACHES (PAAC)   ADHD COACHES ORGANISATION (ACO)   COACHES & MENTORS of

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Self Test Links


Do you perhaps have ADHD or are you just too busy? Many adults are not aware of their ADHD/ADHD-like traits as it seems “normal” to them. UNDIAGNOSED often means UNTREATED/UNMANAGED, which magnifies the constant

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The Coaching Process


You are a creative and resourceful Being and the only expert of your own life, therefore a coach will never tell you what to do. Coaching is rather a discovery and an awareness process that will inspire

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The Caregivers Job


We tend to treat ourselves as how we were treated by our caregivers and as how they treated themselves.   The role of caregivers (parents, grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, au pairs, after-school carers and other caretakers

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Character Strength Test


Uncover your disregarded 24 VIA Character Strengths Your inner knowing and the awareness that YOU DO HAVE STRONG ABILITIES, can easily become blurred by the draining difficulty to perform everyday tasks. Innate strengths get disregarded

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Fascinating Facts on ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (commonly referred to as ADD or ADHD) is not a deficit of attention issue – the real issue is self-regulation which includes attention, emotions, and motor movement as key factors. ADHD is a neurobiological medical condition which means

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