Self Development


The first step for us to be able to grow, is to become aware of our thoughts. Why? Because we are creating our realities through our thoughts. What is one thought that you want to

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Too busy? Get back to basics.


How your ADHD plays out in your life, is dramatically determined by your lifestyle and the environments (inner and outer) in which you find or place yourself. Today’s sedentary lifestyle and fast-paced, information over

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Looking Inward


What might become possible if whenever we make a choice (which is more or less every moment of our lives!), we pause for a moment to first ask ourselves these important questions: Who do I

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What do you want to change?


How much attention do you pay to “the negative voices in the head”, which is continually reminding you of all your “inadequacies” and the impossibility of your desired outcome? How much of your precious life energy gets drained

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