ADHD, impulsivity and pausing


Impulsivity is a hallmark trait of ADHD. To be able to pause for a few seconds, means to take a fresh look at what’s actually happening right now and gathering all the information the moment presents. This

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ADHD Coaching benefits NON-ADHD relatives and other people connected to ADDers


All people who are related or connected to someone with ADHD or ADHD-like qualities can greatly benefit from ADHD Coaching. These clients include anyone passionate about supporting ADHD individuals to create positive changes and to thrive, and anyone who

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Common ADHD difficulties


How does it serve you to resist the following difficulties commonly experienced with ADHD? inability to focus on important but mundane or boring tasks having emotional ups and downs Indecision, poor processing and lack of

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The ADHD Paradox


The unique wiring of the ADHD brain shows up in the paradox of ADHD, namely: Both weaknesses, as well as natural strengths and talents, are more intensely experienced. In areas and situations which hold high personal interest, the ADDer

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