Changing perspective to YOUR STRENGTHS


People with ADHD may be described as frustrating, late, undependable, scatterbrained …but they are never boring! Sadly, often their remarkable natural talents and strengths stay hidden inside. When the ADDer’s energy is focused on uncovering, integrating and developing

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Anyone with ADHD can succeed


ADHDorablyTUNED™ SUPPORT GROUPS   Isn’t it time you get to know what you need most for dealing with the unique ADHD experiences of yourself and your loved ones?   Why would you risk the complications and cost of “not

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The Caregivers Job


We tend to treat ourselves as how we were treated by our caregivers and as how they treated themselves.   The role of caregivers (parents, grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, au pairs, after-school carers and other caretakers

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ADHD Coaching benefits for PARENTS


Children are often not yet “coachable” and it’s often the parents who need the education, support and strategies to be able to support their child with ADHD. This support is identified as the most important variable in

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