We all have magic inside us.
Life is about learning how to let it out…

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Because of their intensive training in the field, ADHD Coaches are able to support their clients in developing a comprehensive understanding of both
the nature of ADHD and the impact of ADHD on their experience and quality of life.

ADHD Coaching, compared to Life Coaching, provides additional support to clients whose lives are impacted by ADHD and ADHD related aspects,
in that it offers insight into identifying the source for many of their challenges not to be personal shortcomings, but rather ADHD itself.

My intention towards the coaching relationship matches my clients’ experiences in supporting them:

  • to get out of their own way
  • to shift and expand their awareness/consciousness
  • to experience embodied reconnection to their true selves
  • to value PAUSEability through experiencing its transformational power
  • to establish lifelong self-care habits
  • to bask in the brilliance of their authentic self-expression
  • to dissolve false labels
  • to uncover non-serving thought patterns and behaviours
  • to understand and appreciate how their unique brains work
  • to embrace their unique learning style
  • to appreciate and use their innate strengths
  • to reignite their passions
  • to learn the power of celebration and gratitude
  • to find practical possibilities and build structures which work best for themselves
  • to experience progress and success that is meaningful for themselves
  • to be encouraged and inspired by taking action step by step
  • to find meaning in how they relate to people and situations
  • to experience being held in a space free from judgement
  • to allow learning from the wisdom of their emotions and sensations
  • to become well rested
  • to emerge without withhold
  • to advocate for their own needs
  • to learn to power of kindness and compassion
  • to play and explore and to find their own voice
  • to allow the song of their hearts to be heard


The role of caregivers (parents, grandparents, older siblings, babysitters, au pairs, teachers, after-school and other caretakers who love and look after the child)
is a most important variable in helping children with ADHD and other learning difficulties, to thrive. These spirited children are more sensitive, intense and impulsive and because they experience the world differently, they work very hard in just trying to hold it all together and showing up.

It is the caregiver’s job to gain understanding of their world and to help make things that are hard for them, easier to deal with. The knowledge, strength and confidence parents and other caregivers gain through the coaching process, talks and retreats offered, provide essential tools for building solid, connected relationships with their children through which valuable and sustainable changes are created to effectively manage the unique challenges that both parties are facing.


Individual coaching sessions are available online, which saves you the stress and costs of travelling to appointments.

You are also welcome to request tailor-made GROUP coaching sessions according to your preference (for example group size, number of sessions,
selected topics, etc).

Please contact me to explore how I might be able to support you.

+27 82 801 4043