Entree Creative Change was born from my vision for “a whole world full of whole people”. Life takes us on the sacred personal journey through seasons and rhythms.

“Each life must find its true threshold…Experience is the arena where this whole adventure happens.”
Angeles Arrien – The Second Half of Life

These days, experience also gifts knowing the grace of imperfection within my bones. It fills me with a sense of “enoughness”- my own word for experiencing gratitude and worth. I don’t need to be right about anything to experience enoughness. Experiencing enoughness makes it easier to allow time for slowing down these days. Not only because of living in the second half of life, but mostly because of awareness of the magnificent beauty that opens from the ability to pause and redirecting attention into deepened inhabitance of my body and the present moment. Listening deeply into the still wisdom of bodily sensations cultivates an appreciation and reconnection to that which is truly the soul’s authentic journey. Evidently, there is no shortcut to experience.

I have no time to rush anymore. Everything is art. Practice is a lifelong art form. The art of living is to kindly and continually put into practice that which I have experienced to be true for me since it proved to serve both my own higher good as well as the greater higher good. Life is a process of embracing, trusting and celebrating the realness of this moment’s experience. To stop wanting to be “there” while I am “here”. It also entails learning to allow and let go, thus creating space where once we were stuck in limiting beliefs, pretence, shame, self-abandonment, perfectionism, constant busyness, others’ expectations and the drive towards others’ approval.

Harmonious realignment with the guidance and love within my own Heart is the practice I choose to return to – again and again – with kindness and gentleness, welcoming every side, angle and aspect of who I am. That is how I am prepared to show up as myself these days – and only as mySELF. Hence, becoming skilled at setting healthy boundaries and accessing the peace and unfolding answers that flows from the clear stillness within. Accepting personal responsibility for my own life and experience is not a duty, it is more like unwrapping a precious gift – the gift of Life itself. That is why I vow myself to being well-rested.

Claiming back my own permission to slow down and rest, prove to be the foundation for all of self-care, healing and fulfilment. It profoundly shapes my listening, my every choice, my every creation, my ability to share love and care, and my availability to contribute my gifts. Slowing down and being deeply well rested, magically guides me back into experiencing that I am reconnected to where I belong. I deeply bow to each Being who has enriched my journey with sharing theirs in whatsoever way.

The wholeness in me sees and salutes the wholeness in each of you.


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It is my mission to cultivate higher awareness, so that you have more options available to enhance your wellbeing and daily personal experience.

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