Clients of ADHD Coaching


Non-ADHD clients impacted by a person with ADHD or ADHD-like qualities may realize: How to listen and communicate more effectively with the person with ADHD What strategies and tools they can use in supporting the ADHD person Better understanding of the person with

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Changing perspective to YOUR STRENGTHS


People with ADHD may be described as frustrating, late, undependable, scatterbrained …but they are never boring! Sadly, often their remarkable natural talents and strengths stay hidden inside. When the ADDer’s energy is focused on uncovering, integrating and developing

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Valuable Resources


Other Valuable Resources   You may also find useful, interesting or inspiring information from these resources   PROFESSIONAL ACCOCIATION for ADHD COACHES (PAAC)   ADHD COACHES ORGANISATION (ACO)   COACHES & MENTORS of

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Self Test Links


Do you perhaps have ADHD or are you just too busy? Many adults are not aware of their ADHD/ADHD-like traits as it seems “normal” to them. UNDIAGNOSED often means UNTREATED/UNMANAGED, which magnifies the constant

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Anyone with ADHD can succeed


ADHDorablyTUNED™ SUPPORT GROUPS   Isn’t it time you get to know what you need most for dealing with the unique ADHD experiences of yourself and your loved ones?   Why would you risk the complications and cost of “not

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The Coaching Process


You are a creative and resourceful Being and the only expert of your own life, therefore a coach will never tell you what to do. Coaching is rather a discovery and an awareness process that will inspire

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